Monday, 16 November 2009

This graffiti, like millions of other forms of street art in Barcelona is posted on a blogspot:

Barrio Gotico is perhaps one of the richest places in graffiti art. The Photoblog intends to document these and get people talking about them. Enjoy, its a pretty cool blog - it looks at architecture, urban spaces, etc, etc...

Makes me think of graffiti art as a collage - not in itself - which it could well be - but as the idea of art on the urban canvas:

As an idea-rich fragment from a disperse source [the graffiti artist] placed onto other fragments already existing in their own right and already with established ideas/connotations/symbolism behind them: a garage door, an alley corner, a park bench, a road sign, etc. Perhaps overlayed in time with an announcement, a company sticker, an advertisement.
The [accidental?] placing of all these fragments by different authors at different moments in time might tell us something about the inhabitants of the area or about the political or social issues involved. Perhaps only understood when you look at the relationship between each fragment....
something to think about?

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